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Detox Your Home Before the Baby Arrive

Detox Your Home Before the Baby Arrive

The moment your newborn baby arrives in this world, he is exposed to countless smells, sensations, and sights. While a majority of them are fresh and exciting, other could be hazardous.

Therefore when it comes to protecting your baby, make sure you educate yourself about the household toxins that can potentially harm your little one. Once you have educated yourself, make sure you take the necessary steps to detox your home.

Populate your house with plants

Begin by bringing the nature indoors. Cleaning the indoor air with plants will not only help your baby to breath fresh air, rather it will also help you beautify the room. Air cleaning plants Detox the home by removing pollutants and thus help you clean the air.

Ditch the fragrance

For a new mom, nothing can smell fresh than the natural scent of the newborn skin. So make sure you bypass all the artificial fragrances. The list includes fragrant baby shampoo and bath.

Rather choose to go in with organic baby body wash and shampoo. Ditch the products that phthalates and other chemicals to avoid health problems.

Control the pests the natural way

While chemical pesticides protect your home from insects and fungi, they're really not good for your baby. If your curious crawler or cruiser comes across an ant trap, the chemicals can irritate his skin if he plays with it.

Therefore try natural methods to control pest methods such as try spraying a mixture of water, dish soap and alcohol throughout the house to keep bugs out.

Natural cleaning products

Along with using organic shampoo, make sure to choose natural cleaning products as well. Every time you wipe down the changing table, bathroom, or kitchen counter with a product that contains harmful chemicals, you leave a little bit of toxic residue behind.

A much safer option is switching to natural cleaning methods and nontoxic cleansers — they'll get the job done and keep your baby safe.

Choose glass over plastic

Will you still be using plastic containers in your kitchen even after the birth of your baby? If yes, your little bundle of joy will be at the risk of consuming BPA which is a toxic ingredient generally added to plastic. Rather you should invest in stainless steel or glass containers to keep your baby safe.