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Caring For Babies Does Not Equate to Spoiling Them

baby care

Why does my baby cry throughout the night? Why is he so different from my friend’s baby? Am I doing something wrong? Should I seek some help?

These are some of the questions that may sound familiar. Well, your baby may be acting in a certain way because that’s the way they are.

Every child is different and so their demands differ as well. While caring for your baby and picking them up every time they cry, you must have heard people telling you that you are going to spoil the baby.

However, caring for your baby does not equate to spoiling them. Meeting your baby’s needs and wants is not going to spoil the baby, rather it will comfort them.

During the first few months, babies are essentially helpless as they depend on you for their needs.

So whether they need a bath, food, clean diaper, unconditional love or want to be comforted, as a mother you need to take care of the baby’s basic needs. Here it must be remembered that you can never spoil a baby with love.

The Basic Needs

The hot parenting topic which is trending nowadays is attachment parenting. Breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, crying it out and more, these are some activities that people often indulge in.

So, holding your baby when he cries a form of attachment parenting or is it motherhood? So, irrespective how you classify your parenting style, you can’t spoil your baby by simply holding them.

Babies are Concern about Bonding

While some mothers fall in love with their babies the minute they see them, others can’t get emotionally attached to them so early.

However, there is no need to get anxious if you fall in the latter category as there are many ways to increase your bonding.

You can cuddle your baby, spending some quality time with them or make bath time interesting as this will give you enough time to bond with the baby.

Bath time can be fun if you are using organic bath products for the baby as it will make sure the baby does not end up getting skin allergies or rashes with harmful ingredients present in soaps.

The Talk to Me Time

There comes a time when infants respond to specific stimuli. A baby generally imitates what is spoken to them. Their cognitive development takes place primarily through verbal interactions with the parents.

So, make sure to spend some time talking with your baby as it won’t spoil them rather it will help them enhance their speaking skills.

Look at Me

During the first two years, a baby generally forms an emotional bond with the adult caregiver, which is primarily his mother.

When securely bonded, a baby can respond better than babies who do not enjoy such security of the parental bond.

So if you are picking up your baby when he cries, take him out for a walk to bond with him in a better way and if you are making them feel emotionally secure, you are not spoiling them, you are just caring for them.