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The Best Use of Organic Baby Products

The Best Use of Organic Baby Products

A new season will be upon us soon. We will be shedding layers of clothes, detox our skincare cupboard and declutter our wardrobe to feel fresh again. This is also true for the kids.

While it is easy to hold on to different things, letting them go make space for new things to come in. Therefore if there are some skin care products such as baby wash that have past their use by date, make sure you throw them out and refill your cupboard with new products to avail the maximum benefit out of the cosmetics.

Today we want to help you refresh your infant’s skincare basket. Read on to know more what essentials should you invest in?

Baby skin care products to get your hands on:

Baby powder

Baby powders are such an unsung hero. Moreover, organic baby powders are not harmful to your health and are also termed as a jack of all trades. If used before mascara, they can help thicken the lashes. They also act as a dry shampoo. Moreover, it can be used to treat oil stain, stops dishwashing gloves layers from sticking together and prevent smelly feet.

Bottom Balm

Babies often suffer from diaper rashes. This is when a barrier cream can help them. Organic baby bottom lotions help heal the rashes apart from plenty of other benefits. They can be used as a barrier cream on cuts, can be used under the eyes while applying eyelashes. It can even double as a lip balm and when added color, it can even work as a cream blush.

Baby Wash

Baby wash form an important part of baby’s everyday routine. It is important to keep the baby clean and this is when the baby wash comes into play. Lac Larde’s baby wash does not contain harmful ingredients and thus can be used safely on your baby’s skin.

Baby oil

Baby oil also forms an imperative part of your baby’s everyday routine. However, it can be used for plenty of other purposes as well. It is great to use on cradle cap to release the flaky skin in a normal manner. Moreover, it also helps to loosen ear wax or soften cuticles.

Is the Organic Baby Product Worth the Hype?

When it comes to picking up baby products, parents always want to choose the best. Instead of shopping for any products, parents often end up buying best natural baby wash. But are organic products really worth the hype? Are they worth the extra money spent on them?

Well, we all know the effect chemical can have on babies’ skin; therefore, it is always a wise decision to invest in organic products that will not harm their delicate skin. Apart from investing in the best organic wash, parents also have an option to shop everything organic for their babies.

best organic baby wash

Organic food

For parents whose babies have just started eating solid food, it is important to avoid pesticide-laden food and dairy products. This is when an organic formula can be the best bet. Always invest in organic bell peppers, apples, lettuce, peaches, celery, grapes, pears, raspberries, and strawberries.

Skin care products

Many companies such as Lac Larde sell organic products such as baby wash, lotion, shampoo and more. They offer 100% organic baby shampoos, bath bombs and more. As babies skin is delicate than adults skin, it is always suggested to offer them the best.

60% of whatever you will put on baby’s skin will get absorbed into the bloodstream. So make sure you know what you are putting up on their skin.


When it comes to clothes for babies, you don’t need to spend a lot on clothes made from organic cotton. 100% cotton apparels are a good standard and should be picked up for kids. However avoid fabric that has been treated with formaldehyde-based resins that could cause allergic skin reactions, and be sure to wash clothes a few times before putting them on the baby for the first time.


While cloths diaper are seen as an advantage for the environment, they are not always a practical option. Do you know organic diapers are also available in the industry? Your baby stays in a diaper all day long. They sweat, pee, and poop in it. So it is important that you know what to put on baby’s bottom.

While the argument on whether organic products are the best bet for your children will continue, make sure you know what is best for your kid.