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How to Choose the Best Baby Shampoo?

How to Choose the Best Baby Shampoo?

A majority of new parents often struggle to find the best organic baby shampoo for their little ones. There are plenty of brands out there for infants, toddlers, and babies.

However, organic baby shampoos have taken the market by storm. While a majority of parents prefer to use it because they do not contain any harmful chemicals, some parents are not aware of its benefits.

So the question that arises is how to choose the best baby shampoo? Well, we are here to help you.

Natural products

When picking up a shampoo for your baby, it is important to pick up natural products. Although there are plenty of shampoos that claim to be gentle and natural, some of them may include chemicals that can be potentially harmful to the baby.

Organic shampoo

Though there are plenty of products which are suitable for babies, a majority of parents choose to use them for their little ones.

Getting your hands on the best organic baby shampoo will ensure that your baby is not exposed to any kind of harmful chemicals.

There are plenty of organic products available at attractive prices. So make sure you shop for the best organic baby shampoo online.

Read the labels

Before picking up a baby shampoo, make sure to read the list of ingredients. Some baby shampoos come loaded with a harmful ingredient that can harm the baby in the long run.

Some chemicals are also added to the shampoo under the name of the fragrance. Therefore it is better to avoid such shampoos as they can cause adverse reactions.

Avoid dyes and chemicals

While some shampoos that contain dye and chemicals are effective in cleansing the scalp, they are harmful to the baby.

These shampoos can be used by adults however it can cause allergic reactions in infants, babies, and toddlers. Thus it is best to avoid such products for babies.

These are some of the tips to remember while shopping for shampoos. Also remember that while you can wash your infant’s hair with the best organic baby shampoo once a week, a toddler hair should be washed twice a week.

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Way to Love and Care of Baby-Best Natural Baby Lotion

Way to Love and Care of Baby-Best Natural Baby Lotion

When talking about moisture of baby’s skin, we all know that babies’ skin loses moisture very fast. From the first moment, we see a cute little face of baby and want the best for baby.

All mothers and expecting mothers try to find out what is best for the baby along with the skin products. All mothers need a baby-friendly product that helps to groom and moisturize the baby skin. Baby is born with soft skin; you need to protect skin from harmful ingredients in lotions. It's always advisable to use natural baby lotions that are not harmful.

Doctors suggest you use the lotions to prevent dryness and stretches. Newly born baby do not need a bath too often, but after the diaper change, the skin can get dry and irritated.

So, the lotion will help prevent the irritation and tightness. This will help  keep the skin moisturized.

It contains a natural nourishing formula to keep the skin smooth, free from irritation, always moisturize and nourish the baby. It prevents allergies.

The relation between mother and child is very divine. A touch of mother to baby is a sweet movement inside that changes the baby's mood in the best ways.

There isn't a more wonderful feeling than the sensitive touch of your baby. There is no doubt that lotion contains a chemical ingredient that is not good for your baby. A chemical based lotion can harm your baby’s thin layer skin. Keeping your baby warm and nourished is always a priority.

So be careful whenever you are looking for a baby lotion. Massage helps to grow the baby in a natural way.

Massage will create a bonding between mother and baby. A baby massage can help to improve the muscle and improve the physical development. Click below to buy best Baby Lotion for your little angel.

The Best Organic Baby Shampoo You Can Trust

The Best Organic Baby Shampoo You Can Trust

When it comes to babies, every mother wants to make sure she just gives the best. Babies have sensitive skin and if it is your first baby, you may have some questions like:

  • Which is the best shampoo for my baby?
  • Should I use the best organic baby shampoo or an ordinary shampoo will do the job?
  • Will baby wash double as a baby shampoo?

While these are valid questions, you need to make sure you look for the best baby products to ensure your baby stays safe and healthy. There are plenty of baby products available on the market, however not all products can provide the best care you wish to give to your little one.

Nasty Stuff to Avoid

Many baby shampoos come equipped with chemicals that you need to avoid. Various companies producing baby shampoos and bath products have been in controversy for using some nasty stuff. Therefore, before you get your hands on the best organic baby shampoo, make sure to read the list of ingredients.

  • Parabens

Parabens top the list of products that must be avoided in baby skincare products and shampoo. Parabens are chemical preservatives that are often included in soaps, shampoos, and makeup as well. They avoid bacteria growth and stall the product expiration. They are often used in different forms such as propylparaben, methylparaben, and butylparaben.

Are you thinking what makes them bad? Well, studies have shown that they mimic the hormone estrogen. Estrogen imbalance or disruption in the body can lead to the growth of any kind of cancer. Therefore, make sure you always get your hands on paraben-free baby products.

  • Chemical fragrance

Companies often introduce a fragrance in baby products to make sure the wash smells great. However, some chemical fragrances can have an adverse effect on your baby. In fact, companies often use more than 3000 chemicals to produce a fragrance. Thus, more than 3000 chemicals are hidden under the name of fragrance from the consumer.

These chemicals can end up having an adverse effect on the baby skin and some can even cause a respiratory problem. Moreover, these chemicals are often associated with different types of cancers. Therefore, when getting your hands on the best organic baby shampoo, it is important to scan the list of ingredients.

Things to consider before buying best organic baby shampoo

Now that you know that companies use chemicals in their products, it is wise to opt for the best organic baby shampoo. Organic baby products use natural ingredients and do not come loaded with harsh chemicals.

Organic and natural products are better than getting your hands on chemical loaded products. While they can be a bit on the expensive side, it is worth spending some extra money on them to avoid harming your baby in the long run. There are some good qualities you can find in organic baby products.

  • Skin type

Before you splurge on the best organic baby shampoo, make sure to determine the skin type of your baby. The skin type and scalp type can affect the cleaning performance of the baby shampoo and wash. While all babies have a sensitive scalp, some babies also have a dry or oily scalp.

  • Formula

When shopping for the best organic baby shampoo, make sure to take a look at the ingredient list. Choose products that contain Aloe Vera, coconut oil, honey, Shea butter and other natural ingredients. Also, take note whether the product has parabens or chemical fragrance as these needs to be avoided.

  • Use of the product

There is baby body wash, baby shampoo and some other products that double as both. Therefore, when choosing baby products, try to shop products that can be used as both baby wash and shampoo. This will help you save your money while taking care of the baby’s hygiene.

  • Price

The best organic baby shampoo can be a bit expensive than the chemical loaded baby shampoos. However, there are some that will cost you less as the price range generally starts from $10.00. The price of the shampoo depends on brand and ingredients.

Lac Larde offers the best organic baby shampoo that is free of petrochemicals, sulfates, synthetic colors, formaldehyde donors and phthalates. So make sure you choose the best for your little one. 

Organic baby shampoo

Give an Amazing Bath Experience To Your Toddlers

Give an Amazing Bath Experience To Your Toddlers

Bath bombs offer an interesting spa-like experience in the comfort of your own bathroom. If you have been to a spa, you must be aware how relaxing the scenario can be. Spa sessions often take away all the stress and worries and leave you feeling refreshed. So why not make your little ones enjoy this interesting session too?

Bath bombs are often described as a little fizzy ball of happiness. Usually they are round in shape; however, companies are coming up with new designs to attract children's attention.

You simply drop the bath bomb in the tub and the fizz will send out a delightful aroma. Lac Larde bath bombs are are hypoallergenic and thus people with even the most sensitive skin can use them.

Some of the main ingredients of bath bombs are corn starch, citric acid, food coloring, baking soda, herbs, glycerin, vegetable oil, essential oils, and USDA certified organic ingredients.

A few essential oils that are frequently used are almond oil, lavender oil, and avocado oil. However, there are plenty of other essential oils that are used.

Regular bubble bath or a bar of soap can dry out kid’s sensitive skin; therefore it is important to use something mild.

In certain cases, a bar of soap can break small kid’s skin into horrible rashes. Therefore, instead of changing soaps and bubble bath to see what suit’s the little one’s skin, switch to bath bombs.

Nowadays, you can easily purchase bath bombs online. Moreover, using a bath bomb on the skin of your little one provides an excellent way to give their body the long due deep cleansing session.

Unlike soaps, bath bombs release aroma and fizz when dissolved in water and thus offers an interesting experience for the kids.

Kids often run around the home whole day long and thus get tired at the end of the day. Moreover, excessive activities throughout the day result in lactic acid buildup within the muscles.

Therefore to give relief to the muscles, make sure your little ones get a warm water bath. Bath bombs are specifically designed to benefit sore and aching muscles. Moreover, the relaxing aroma can really help your little one sleep well.

So if you have been planning to shop bath bombs for kids, shop them now. Visit us at and get your hands on a wide range of bath bombs.

How to Make Bathing Time Enjoyable for Your Infant

How to Make Bathing Time Enjoyable for Your Infant

Although the first time you must have bathed your wiggly, tiny, little one, it must have been tough. However, this will not always be the case. Once you are sure how to handle your wiggle tot, bath time will become a great way to bond.

Not all babies love getting wet and enjoy their bath time. For them, the 5 to 10-minute bath ritual becomes a regular screaming and anxiety session.

However, with a little bit of planning and with the help of organic baby bath products, the bath time can become a fun, relaxing, calming and sensory experience for both the parties.

Here are a few ways to convert bath time into fun time and enjoy bonding with the smallest family member.

Hair game

There’s nothing cuter than playing with your baby’s hair and making different hairstyles. You can play dress up with his hairs in the bathtub while washing them at the same time.

However, make sure to get your hands on organic baby shampoo as it will be gentle on your kid's hair and will clean them perfectly in every wash.

Turn your garden into a pool

What’s better than making it easy for your little one to explore the vicinity while bathing him? On a hot day, instead of giving a bath in the bathroom, you can always choose to give your baby a cool refreshing bath outdoors.

You can turn the play pool into a temporary outdoor bath. To make the setting perfect, you can use some bath bombs for kids to bubble up to the tub, add his favorite toys and add some flowers to the bath water. This will make up for a picture perfect bath.

Give a sponge bath

If your little one is suffering from a cough and cold, make sure to keep him away from water. Instead, you can choose to give him simple sponge baths every few days to make sure he stays dry and clean.

Moreover, make sure you carefully clean the diaper area and the chin as these are the two most vulnerable areas that get dirty.

Sing in the shower

While you are giving your little one a gentle shower, sing him a song or produce silly noises that will make bathing time enjoyable for them. You can sing a mashup of made-up songs or your current favorite song.

Babies love it when people talk to them or make noises and it also helps them develop their language skills.

Puppet show

You can even choose to organize a bath time puppet show for your little one to keep him entertained while cleaning him up. With a puppet show, you can be guaranteed of plenty of bath time smiles.

So let your partner help you and put up an interesting puppet show with a friendly duck or a frog. After your children grow up a little bit, you can encourage them to create their own puppet show during the bath time to make it an enjoyable time.

In the beginning, your little one may not like taking a bath, however by adding fun activities, it will become difficult to take them out of the bathroom. Make sure to establish a soothing and interesting bath time routine which they will always look forward to.