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Caring For Babies Does Not Equate to Spoiling Them

baby care

Why does my baby cry throughout the night? Why is he so different from my friend’s baby? Am I doing something wrong? Should I seek some help?

These are some of the questions that may sound familiar. Well, your baby may be acting in a certain way because that’s the way they are.

Every child is different and so their demands differ as well. While caring for your baby and picking them up every time they cry, you must have heard people telling you that you are going to spoil the baby.

However, caring for your baby does not equate to spoiling them. Meeting your baby’s needs and wants is not going to spoil the baby, rather it will comfort them.

During the first few months, babies are essentially helpless as they depend on you for their needs.

So whether they need a bath, food, clean diaper, unconditional love or want to be comforted, as a mother you need to take care of the baby’s basic needs. Here it must be remembered that you can never spoil a baby with love.

The Basic Needs

The hot parenting topic which is trending nowadays is attachment parenting. Breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, crying it out and more, these are some activities that people often indulge in.

So, holding your baby when he cries a form of attachment parenting or is it motherhood? So, irrespective how you classify your parenting style, you can’t spoil your baby by simply holding them.

Babies are Concern about Bonding

While some mothers fall in love with their babies the minute they see them, others can’t get emotionally attached to them so early.

However, there is no need to get anxious if you fall in the latter category as there are many ways to increase your bonding.

You can cuddle your baby, spending some quality time with them or make bath time interesting as this will give you enough time to bond with the baby.

Bath time can be fun if you are using organic bath products for the baby as it will make sure the baby does not end up getting skin allergies or rashes with harmful ingredients present in soaps.

The Talk to Me Time

There comes a time when infants respond to specific stimuli. A baby generally imitates what is spoken to them. Their cognitive development takes place primarily through verbal interactions with the parents.

So, make sure to spend some time talking with your baby as it won’t spoil them rather it will help them enhance their speaking skills.

Look at Me

During the first two years, a baby generally forms an emotional bond with the adult caregiver, which is primarily his mother.

When securely bonded, a baby can respond better than babies who do not enjoy such security of the parental bond.

So if you are picking up your baby when he cries, take him out for a walk to bond with him in a better way and if you are making them feel emotionally secure, you are not spoiling them, you are just caring for them. 

5 Reasons to Get Your Hands-on Bath Bombs

bath bombs

Have you heard about bath bombs? Have you used them? If you answered no, you are in for a real treat. Bath bombs are small square or round bombs that fizz when dipped in water. They are made using a number of ingredients with the basic ingredients being Epsom salts, baking soda, and citric acid.

Here are 5 reasons why you should start using bath bombs:

Pamper your body

When you are using organic bath bombs which are made using ingredients such as shea butter, essential oils, and jojoba oil, you are pampering your skin in an amazing way. Shea butter is a natural sunscreen, has anti-inflammatory properties and leaves your skin nourished and rejuvenated. Depending on the bath bombs you have chosen, you can avail plenty of benefits.

They are fun to play with

Having a little fun in the tub won’t hurt, right? Moreover, if you are using the bath bombs for kids, it can turn bath time into fun time. The excitement of watching the fizzy bubbles come to the surface of the water cannot be explained in words.

Easy to use

Bath bombs are extremely easy to use. So if you want to soak in a tub and relax after a long tiring day, a bath bomb will reduce your effort of preparing the tub for a relaxing bath. Just drop a bath bomb and you are good to go. No measuring, no unscrewing the cap or doing any other work.

They are environment-friendly

Bubble bath often comes in plastic bottles which are non-biodegradable. However, using a bath bomb is much better as they do not come in a bottle and does not have any plastic associated with them. Lac Larde bath bombs are pure, natural and organic bath supplements that do not harm the environment.

Enjoy a spa-like experience

You often dream about opting for a spa to relax and unwind after a long day, don’t you? However, going to a spa every day can be an expensive deal. Instead of feeling sad, why don’t you bring the experience into your home with bath bombs?

Bath bombs are a treat that can create a fun atmosphere in your bathroom; it is an affordable and easy way to pamper yourself. So, are you ready to invest in bath bombs?

Amazing Benefits of Chamomile Oil for Skin and Hair

Amazing Benefits of Chamomile Oil for Skin and Hair

If you are looking for the best baby shampoo, make sure to look for one that contains Roman chamomile oil. There are tons of benefits of chamomile oil for skin and hair. Therefore, it is no wonder that it is a must-have ingredient in your baby body wash and shampoo.

There are two variants of this oil, such as Roman and German. While the former is popular for its calming effect with emmenagogue properties, the latter serves as an effective natural anti-inflammatory agent. Moreover, both the variants are rich in carminative, antiseptic, digestive analgesic, vermifuge and febrifuge properties.

Benefits for skin

  • Good For Healing Eczema

Chamomile oil helps in vanishing inflammation and redness along with helping your baby to enjoy a scar free skin. Having a baby was loaded with chamomile oil is best to handle the inflammation. It is also a sought-after natural antidote for eczema-like skin conditions.

  • Ease Skin Rashes

Chamomile oil helps calm any kind of skin irritation. Moreover, it is known for its hydrating and moisturizing properties. It also adds radiance to the skin and helps your baby’s skin to stay soft and glowing.

  • Keep The Skin Moisturized

Chamomile oil is also known to ease blemishes and repair, regenerate and strengthen the skin. It keeps your little one’s skin young and refreshing.

Chamomile oil benefits for hair

  • Brighten Up The Hair

If you rinse your little one’s hair with a shampoo equipped with chamomile oil, it can help brighten up their hairs instantly. You can also choose to apply a few drops of oil to the hair to give them a lovely shine.

  • Anti-dandruff Agent

Our organic baby washes and shampoo is equipped with chamomile oil which is an effective natural solution for hair lice and dandruff. Moreover, it also helps soothes the irritated scalp. It hydrates the scalp and soothes itching and irritation.

  • Softens Hair

Chamomile oil easily qualifies as wonderful oil to nourish the hair and scalp. It retains the moisture level and strengthens the hair from within, leaving behind soft and strong tresses.

Have we left out any benefits of chamomile oil for skin and hair? Do let us know in the comments section below.

The Best Use of Organic Baby Products

The Best Use of Organic Baby Products

A new season will be upon us soon. We will be shedding layers of clothes, detox our skincare cupboard and declutter our wardrobe to feel fresh again. This is also true for the kids.

While it is easy to hold on to different things, letting them go make space for new things to come in. Therefore if there are some skin care products such as baby wash that have past their use by date, make sure you throw them out and refill your cupboard with new products to avail the maximum benefit out of the cosmetics.

Today we want to help you refresh your infant’s skincare basket. Read on to know more what essentials should you invest in?

Baby skin care products to get your hands on:

Baby powder

Baby powders are such an unsung hero. Moreover, organic baby powders are not harmful to your health and are also termed as a jack of all trades. If used before mascara, they can help thicken the lashes. They also act as a dry shampoo. Moreover, it can be used to treat oil stain, stops dishwashing gloves layers from sticking together and prevent smelly feet.

Bottom Balm

Babies often suffer from diaper rashes. This is when a barrier cream can help them. Organic baby bottom lotions help heal the rashes apart from plenty of other benefits. They can be used as a barrier cream on cuts, can be used under the eyes while applying eyelashes. It can even double as a lip balm and when added color, it can even work as a cream blush.

Baby Wash

Baby wash form an important part of baby’s everyday routine. It is important to keep the baby clean and this is when the baby wash comes into play. Lac Larde’s baby wash does not contain harmful ingredients and thus can be used safely on your baby’s skin.

Baby oil

Baby oil also forms an imperative part of your baby’s everyday routine. However, it can be used for plenty of other purposes as well. It is great to use on cradle cap to release the flaky skin in a normal manner. Moreover, it also helps to loosen ear wax or soften cuticles.

Detox Your Home Before the Baby Arrive

Detox Your Home Before the Baby Arrive

The moment your newborn baby arrives in this world, he is exposed to countless smells, sensations, and sights. While a majority of them are fresh and exciting, other could be hazardous.

Therefore when it comes to protecting your baby, make sure you educate yourself about the household toxins that can potentially harm your little one. Once you have educated yourself, make sure you take the necessary steps to detox your home.

Populate your house with plants

Begin by bringing the nature indoors. Cleaning the indoor air with plants will not only help your baby to breath fresh air, rather it will also help you beautify the room. Air cleaning plants Detox the home by removing pollutants and thus help you clean the air.

Ditch the fragrance

For a new mom, nothing can smell fresh than the natural scent of the newborn skin. So make sure you bypass all the artificial fragrances. The list includes fragrant baby shampoo and bath.

Rather choose to go in with organic baby body wash and shampoo. Ditch the products that phthalates and other chemicals to avoid health problems.

Control the pests the natural way

While chemical pesticides protect your home from insects and fungi, they're really not good for your baby. If your curious crawler or cruiser comes across an ant trap, the chemicals can irritate his skin if he plays with it.

Therefore try natural methods to control pest methods such as try spraying a mixture of water, dish soap and alcohol throughout the house to keep bugs out.

Natural cleaning products

Along with using organic shampoo, make sure to choose natural cleaning products as well. Every time you wipe down the changing table, bathroom, or kitchen counter with a product that contains harmful chemicals, you leave a little bit of toxic residue behind.

A much safer option is switching to natural cleaning methods and nontoxic cleansers — they'll get the job done and keep your baby safe.

Choose glass over plastic

Will you still be using plastic containers in your kitchen even after the birth of your baby? If yes, your little bundle of joy will be at the risk of consuming BPA which is a toxic ingredient generally added to plastic. Rather you should invest in stainless steel or glass containers to keep your baby safe.