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Best Wash for Babies

Best Wash for Babies

Many options are available when washing your baby. But you need to be careful whenever you are select a washing product for your baby. There are many baby washes available in the market, but they may contain ingredients that are harmful to your baby.

It’s important to be careful when purchasing baby products, whether it's soap, oil or wash. Baby skin deserves the safest baby products. Chemicals may harm baby’s sensitive skin. Have you ever tried organic wash on a baby? Using organic products is good for your baby.

You need the best organic baby wash to give an amazing bath time for the baby. Some of the baby products that contain chemicals cause skin and eye irritation. Lac Larde organic baby wash contains natural ingredients that are good for your baby. Children have sensitive skin; everything is natural about children- eyes, cheeks, hand, nose, and head. We suggest you use organic baby wash to take care of your baby.

We strictly suggest you that never use a product that contains chemicals that may be harming your baby’s skin. Nothing is more important than your baby’s skin. Irritation and dry skin are sometimes caused by using baby shampoo that contains chemicals. It can also remove moisture from baby’s skin. Using Lac Larde organic baby wash will give you a pleasant experience.

  • Remove rashes from skin

Rashes on baby skin is common which result in redness on the skin and sometimes bleeding. Lac Larde organic baby wash helps heal rashes from the baby skin. 

  • Give moisturizer

Nothing is more sensitive than baby skin, be careful whenever you are using baby care products on your baby. Many products are available in a market that removes moisture from the skin. Parents, you are thinking about baby skin care products used on baby skin, Best Organic baby shampoo  leaves the healthy skin moisturized. Using a toxic free baby wash is great for moisturizing baby skin.

  • Better sleep

There is serious need to pay attention to ingredients that you are using on a baby. Products used on baby skin should be chemical free, and should contain natural ingredients. After washing baby with organic products at bath time, baby feels fresh and ready to have a better and more relaxing sleep.

There is no doubt that organic products contain natural ingredients that are good for baby skin. Which of the skin care product are you using on your baby? Just look at that product that it contains harmful ingredients or not. It is possible that you are using a product on your baby's skin and doing more harm than benefit.

The product that contains toxic ingredients may result in illness, allergy, skin irritation and rashes and removes moisture from the baby's skin. Baby skin absorbs all those chemicals or toxins.

Every parent wants to use a healthy and safe product for baby. Skin is the essential part of the baby that can easily harm from chemicals, dryness, and toxins. Baby skin requires adjustment to the new environment.

If you are a parent of a newborn baby, then you need to do everything that is right for your baby. Organic baby wash helps comfort and clean the skin. If you buy organic baby wash for a baby then you don’t need to worry about baby's skin. Changing to an organic product is the right decision for your baby. If you are looking for a baby care product that is organic then you found the right place.

Are Bath Bombs Safe for Kids? 5 Things You Need to Know

Are Bath Bombs Safe for Kids? 5 Things You Need to Know

Bath bombs have a fizzy effect when dropped into the water, they are mostly scented, contain essential oils, and some color in the water. They can turn kids bath time into a fun experience.

However, you may be worried if it’s safe to use, and you have the right to be. There have been reports of kids and adults alike having skin rashes after using bath bombs. Here are some precautions you can take before buying and using bath bombs.

  1. What Are They Made Of?

The base ingredients of these bath fizzies are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate or commonly knows as baking soda. It reacts or “explodes” when it touches the water.

Depending on the manufacturer, essential oils, fragrances, colorants, glitters etc. are added. Here in Lac Larde, we use only organic ingredients that are free of dyes, chemicals, and synthetic ingredients. Make sure to read the ingredients on the label.

bath bombs
  1. Are They Good for the Skin?

Essentially, these bath balls can be compared to adding bath salt or bath oil into the bathtub. Some of the ingredients like oils are moisturizing. Meanwhile, the colorants and fragrances can be irritating.

Find out first if your kid is allergic to any of the ingredient or do a skin test before submerging your child into the water. Synthetic fragrances and food dyes are some common allergens. As an added note, do not use bath bombs with an open wound or broken skin.

bath bombs

  1. Do They Stain The Tub?

Bath bombs with dyes or colors can cling to the tub wall and with each use, it could change the color of your tub. Our all natural bath bombs are free of colorants and will not stain your tub.

However, bath bombs contain oils that can make your tub slippery when getting in and out of it. This can be dangerous to your kids. To prevent residue build-up, it’s important that you clean your tub after every use. For added safety, place an anti-slip rubber mat at the bottom of your tub.

  1. Do Bath Bombs Expire?

Like any product, bath bombs also have a recommended “use by” date before it loses its effectiveness. A newly bought bath bomb fizzes faster than an old one. Hence, it is not recommended that you buy more than you will use. To help make it last longer, store bath bombs in airtight containers or zip lock bags and put them in a cool and dry place.

The average shelf life for bath bombs is six months to one year. Beyond the expiry date, though it is still safe for use, the effectiveness won’t be the same. It may not fizz and probably crumble in the water. The scents of the bath bombs may also disappear.

  1. Are They Safe for the Environment?

If you’re an eco-conscious parent, you would want to know if the ingredients properly dissolve when they go down the drain. Avoid products that contain PET or plastic ingredients that don’t break down like glitter. Our bath bombs don’t contain glitter, GMO materials and our packaging are recyclable.

  1. Where to Buy Bath Bombs?

You can easily get our organic bath bombs online by visiting our website. You can also find bath bombs on shopping sites like Amazon and eBay.

Do you have other questions about bath bombs, feel free to comment below. If you had any experience using them, please share them as well.

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How to Bathe a Newborn Baby at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Bathe a Newborn Baby at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re a new parent and have no experience at all when it comes to bathing your newborn, there’s no need to worry. Here’s how to bathe your baby step-by-step. Just remember to be gentle when doing so.

In this part, we want to inform you of precautions you should take when giving your newborn a bath. First, always hold your infant while giving a bath and never leave him or her unattended.

A baby can drown even in a one-inch deep water within a minute. Second is to put water first before putting your baby in. Running water from the faucet can be too hot for the baby.

Third, the ideal water temperature is around 90 degrees. Any higher and your child can get a burn. Now, let’s proceed to give a bath step-by-step.

Step 1. Set the Room Temperature

The room should not be cold as babies tend to drop body temperature fast. The ideal room temperature should be around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Set the temperature at least 2 minutes before giving a bath.

By Africa Studio Adobe Stock.

 Step 2. Prepare Baby Bath Supplies

You need to have an adequate surface for the tub and bath suppliers. For the baby tub, there are those that are flexible in size so you can still use if as your baby gets bigger. For newborns, using a baby bath soap is optional. Make sure you use a baby soap that is safe, mild and tear-free. Other items you have to prepare are washcloths, small cup, towel, diaper, and clothes. It is recommended that you put a towel in the tub so your baby doesn’t slip.

Step 3. Fill the Tub with Water

Mix hot and cold water until you achieve the right temperature. Fill the tub 2 to 3 inches deep but no deeper than that. Use your elbow to test the water since it is more sensitive than your hand and is the best water thermometer.

Step 4. Put Baby in the Tub

Undress your infant completely and then slowly slip him into the tub, feet first. Use one hand to support the neck of the baby throughout the bathing process.

Step 5. Clean the Different Body Parts

When giving a bath, start with the cleanest part: the face. Wet a clean cotton ball and then wipe the eyelids gently, and then clean around the ear. Wipe the face with a washcloth, going down the chin and neck, shoulders, stomach, backside and so on. When washing baby genitals, do so from front to back to avoid urinary tract infection. When using baby bath soap, use just a small amount and then rinse carefully.

 Photo by Mindy Olson P on Unsplash

Photo by Mindy Olson P on Unsplash

Step 6. Gently Lift the Baby from the Tub and Wrap in a Towel

While still supporting the neck and back of the baby, gently lift him out of the tub and wrap him up in a towel.

Step 7. Wash the Head

While wrapped in a towel, position the head of your baby above the tub. Using a cup, pour water on the head. This will keep the water and shampoo away from the baby’s eyes. Rub the hair softly and then rinse.

Step 8. Pat Dry and Dress

Pat the towel on your baby softly. Do not rub the skin because it’s still very delicate. Gently press the fingers and toes to pat them dry. And then put on the diaper and onesies. Apply baby lotion, hug and kiss a baby, and voila!


Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Bathe a Newborn Baby?

Two to three times a week is enough because too much washing can irritate baby’s skin.

How Long Should a Baby Bath Last?

Keep it short especially if the baby starts crying right at the start. 5 minutes is enough time for giving your baby a bath.

When is the Best Time to Bathe a Baby?

There’s no specific ideal time, just make sure that your baby is well rested, not hungry and not full either. Bathing the baby in the evening will boost to a good nights sleep.

What is the Best Soap for Newborn Baby?

Make sure your baby bath products are safe and gentle for baby’s skin. Lavender baby wash has a soothing effect on babies.

How Long Should You Wait to Bathe a Newborn?

You should wait 10 to 14 days until the umbilical cord falls off before giving a bath. Before that, you give a sponge bath.

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How Organic Children's Bath Bombs Are Beneficial for Your Baby’s Health?

How Organic Children's Bath Bombs Are Beneficial for Your Baby’s Health?

Lac Larde Children's Bath Bombs: 

If you are someone new to children's bath bombs, they may look a little odd to you. Bath bombs often come in different colors and different scents. While some may contain glitters, others may have little toys hidden. However, all children’s bath bombs are made for the bath.

Picking an organic bath bomb, like the one offered by Lac Larde is important because here you will get your hands on organic bath bomb and thus can make sure that you keep your hands off bombs that contain nasty coloring and additives.

Bath bombs contain dry ingredients which contain mineral-rich salts and clays which easily melt in the water. Bath bombs are great for skin and easily compliment any bathing ritual.

Organic bath bombs

When was the last time you enjoyed giving a bath to your baby? Sometimes you are too stressed to give enough time to yourself and your baby. Therefore in this stressful season, pause for a while and enjoy the time. Focus on your energies so that you can bring forth the energy and give enough care and attention to your baby. Lac Larde bath bombs will help create these moments for you.

Bath bombs for different moods

We have a wide collection of children's bath bombs that will suit your mood. Every bath bomb is full of mineral-rich salt that will help your little one to relax, improve skin hydration and make sure he enjoyed his bath time.

  • Lemon

This bath bombs will leave your little one’s skin glowing along with offering a number of other benefits. Lemon bath bomb is a natural skin toner which helps relax the muscle, aids in digestion and is naturally a deodorizer.

  • Orange

When do you think of the orange what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Citrus and the sun, hopefully? Orange essential oil is a natural mood buster which will help your little one to stay happy. Orange children’s bath bomb also helps improve immune health, fight free radicals and boost circulation. This bath bomb will leave your little one feeling refreshed.

  • Lavender

When your little one is feeling irritated and stressed, try a bath bomb infused with lavender oil. The fragrance of the lavender oil is known to calm the nervous system and clear the mind. You can even choose to create a calming ambiance in the bathroom by lighting a scented candle to calm your little one.

  • Grapeseed

Grapeseed oil is known to work wonders. There are plenty of benefits of grapeseed oil such as it moisturizes the skin, act as an anti-inflammatory, is rich in vitamin C, D and E. It is also great for hair health as it moisturizes and conditions the hair. Therefore, your little one can avail plenty of benefits by using grape bath bomb.

We also have a variety of other children’s bath bomb scent including raspberry, blueberry, and coconut. So take your pick or choose all of them.

Why Choose a Bath Bomb

Children’s bath bombs are gentle products that work amazing on their skin and keep them moisturized. Here are different ways on why you must get your hands on a bath bomb.

  • Super soothers

These children's bath bombs are known to be gentle products that work best for your little one’s skin. Bath bombs are gentle enough to keep the sensitive skin of your little one’s feeling refreshed, smooth and soft.

  • Bedtime ritual

Nighttime baths are considered as a ritual for many. Traditionally they were considered good as they help restless and stressed kids to enjoy a good night sleep.

Drop a bath bomb in the tub of warm water to fight the sleeplessness demons and sooth out stressed mind and body. Bath bombs offer one of the best ways to get ready for the dreamland in no time.

  • Best smellers

If you are still confused on whether to invest in bath bombs of not, here’s the biggest perk of children’s bath bombs. A super relaxing bath can leave you smelling amazing.

The bath bombs have the right ingredients which will fill your tub with amazing fragrance. The scent will also settle in your kiddo’s body and he will smell good for a long time.

So are you excited to shop for one of the best children’s bath bombs? Visit Lac Larde to know more about bath bombs.

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Moisturize Your Baby’s Skin with Natural Baby Lotion

Moisturize Your Baby’s Skin with Natural Baby Lotion

Baby lotion is necessary for your child to moisturize the skin. This is a necessary thing in your baby’s regular body care routine. Baby skin loses its moisturizer very fast.

This is the best way to keep your baby fresh and soft for a long day. There are baby lotions on the market that is not good for your baby. If you go for a natural product then you can give the best care to your child.

This lotion contains perfect amounts of safe ingredients for your baby’s soft and sensitive skin. This is prepared with natural ingredients that are good for your baby. The best natural baby lotion does not contain any harmful ingredients that can potentially harm your baby's skin. It also has wonderful healing properties.

It commonly cures the rash, itch, dry skin, chapped skin, and irritation. It does not contain any irritating ingredient. Lac Larde natural baby lotion nourishes the skin, keeping it glowing, soft, healthy and moisturized all day long.

It protects the skin from the environmental pollution or dirt and keeps it away from any kind of infection or allergy. Use the baby lotion on daily basis to moisturize the body or skin.

For soft and healthier skin, use a natural baby lotion with no toxin, ingredient. Baby lotion soothes and moisturizes your baby’s skin. They help to moisturize and smooth the baby skin.

This is the perfect choice for massage. They relax baby from the irritation and rashes. You can further choose to soothe, protect and heal the skin with best natural baby lotion. Give a perfect care to your baby.

The relationship between mother and child is divine and grow at the level of joy. Massage your baby with the natural baby lotion. With the best natural lotion, you can massage your baby to nourish baby’s soft and natural skin.

Massage helps to develop the muscles and bones. It improves the mental ability to grow child by better sleep. Always provide a light massage with the lotion on the baby’s body. However, don’t pressurize your baby for massage if a baby is not comfortable for massage.

There is nothing important in the world than the sensitive touch of your baby. Newborn skin is delicate and soft. There are various baby lotions that may harm your baby’s skin. Keep your baby skin nourished is the top priority.

Massage helps to enhance the growth of body in a natural way. Massage creates an enjoyable bonding between mother and child. Massage helps to increase the immunity system, growth and blood circulation.

There are many things for the message but select the best natural baby lotion for massage is good for your baby’s skin and encourages the physical development of a child. Everything is beautiful and pure about them.

We need to care for the baby to keep it beautiful. Avoid the product that harms your baby. Be careful whenever you are looking for a product for your baby’s skin.

Rashes are a very common thing to see on a baby’s skin. The reason behind them repeatedly contacts with dirty diaper which causes an irritation for a child. If your baby is suffering from rashes and other skin problems baby lotion help to reduce them.

Daily massage with baby lotion helps to keep calm and improve the night sleep. It is beneficial for the overall growth of a child. Massage with baby lotion helps to keep the baby warm outside from the mother womb. It helps to keep the softness. It removes the scaly texture from the skin.

Massage with baby lotion strengthens the bones. In every season baby lost their moisturizer very fast. Keep your baby always moisturized. Massage with the baby lotion enables the baby to use their motor skills.

It creates an emotional bond between you and your child. Every baby is unique and skin type of every baby is different it’s necessary to select the best natural baby lotion.

Organic and Natural Baby Shampoo Body Wash